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"We would like to tell you how wonderful your services are.  Our Son, Alex started taking Italian in school last year and was doing “okay”, but was not where he wanted to be. So we had an Italian Tutor from your company start tutoring him, now he has a 99% average in Italian class!!

The Italian Tutor, Barbara is simply amazing, and she genuinely cares. 

We had gone to Italy over the summer and the Italian people could not believe how well he spoke Italian in the short amount of time he had studied it. Investing in our child with Tutoring was and is the best thing we ever did! 

Thank you so much, From two VERY proud parents, Daina & Enrico" 

“Before working with Reach for the Stars, my daughter found
memorizing the times tables challenging. I was concerned about the 4th
grade state Math exams she will be taking next year. After only 5 sessions,
she is no longer counting on her fingers and can wiz through her times
tables. Our tutor makes the sessions fun, which transpires into quicker
learning. My daughter now has the confidence to take her tests next year
without the stress that is put on the kids.”
Barbara, Ronkonkoma

“Reach for the Stars has helped my daughter regain her confidence and
focus on learning. Reach for the Stars is more than a tutoring service to us,
they have in fact become a part of our family.”
Lori, Mt. Sinai

“I truly believe that Reach for the Stars has enhanced my son’s learning
skills and made him more confident in class. We’ve been using their services
since he was 3 yrs old. He’s now going into 1st grade and we’re all looking
forward to another successful school year. I see my son’s love for learning
and I believe that Reach for the Stars Tutoring was a part of that.”

Mary, Port Jefferson Station

“It was the best decision we made for our daughter. Her self-esteem
was so low because of her learning disability, until we got Reach for the
Stars to help. They’ve been a godsend. Between pinpointing her problem
and one-on-one tutoring, she is learning ways to work with her disability.
She’s accelerating in all areas that she was lacking in academically and her
self-esteem has increased too. Thanks again to Reach for the Stars
Tutoring. You’ve made such a difference in my child’s life.”
Denise, Smithtown

Tutoring for Math Science Foreign Language Reading SAT ACT Preparation and Special Education